Monday, March 23, 2009

Why The name?

There have been many people asking me why I call this web log what I have. The short answer to this question deals with a more meaningful purpose than what you might have originally guessed. I chose the name "whitewashed tar" for a reason that deals with the use of an oxymoron. The term "Whitewashed Tar" talks of hypocrisy. A common occurrence, especially in the United States.
Many people who live in our "blessed" country have this hypocrisy thing down pat. They do what they have to on the outside to look fine and be politically correct. They get up, get their church clothes on, their "whitewash", if you will, and go to church like good little people. But on the inside there is something that is not so great, an amazing deal of tar that lies underneath this whitewash. I feel like helping to illustrate the importance of becoming what I would call a christian. Someone who is not only a clean vessel on the outside, but a pure vessel on the inside.

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